Radon in the home

Whether you are a householder or a prospective house buyer or seller, you may wish to have your house tested for the level of radon gas present.
Here we explain the process of obtaining a radon measurement using our Radosure detectors.

3-month measurements
Indoor radon gas levels can vary both throughout the day and with season. For these reasons the annual average radon level in the home is usually estimated from two measurements, one in the living area and one in the bedroom, made over a period of at least three months. Seasonal correction factors established by the HPA are then applied to these readings to estimate the annual average radon level. Our 3-month testing kit includes two Radosure detectors. When exposed for at least 3-months, we will be able to tell you the precise value of the radon gas level in your home over this period as well as the estimated annual average radon level.

7-day measurements
Alternatively, you may wish to have a more immediate indication of the radon level in the home, especially if you are selling your home, or you are a prospective buyer of the property. We provide a 7-day radon test, using either one or two detectors. This test provides a screening measurement of whether you are likely to have elevated annual average radon gas levels in the home.

Home Information Packs (HIPs) and House Conveyancing
HIPs now contain a question concerning radon and your house. Your conveyancing solicitor is also likely to ask about the radon gas level in the property you are either selling or purchasing. In addition, information on the radon level in the property may be of interest to mortgage lenders, estate agents and local builders.

What will I get if I order a Radosure radon test kit?
You will receive the test kit through the post with full instructions for placing the detector(s) in the home. You will need to enter the date on the instruction form when the detectors were put in place. After the exposure period (7-days for the short-term detector or three months or more for the 3-month test) you will first need to enter the finish date on the instruction form and return this together with the detectors using the pre-paid return envelope to Radosure at our Bristol laboratories.
We will then analyse your detectors and inform you of the result either by mail, fax or e‑mail normally within three working days.
The average radon level in UK homes is 20 Bq per cubic metre and the Action Level above which you should consider measures to reduce radon is currently 200 Bq per cubic metre. However, as we have explained, a major European study has found an increased risk of lung cancer at 150 Bq per cubic metre, below the current Action Level.
For 3 month measurements, Public Health England has advised that if your radon reading is below 100 Bq per cubic metre, it is within the normal range and no further action is needed. If it is above 100 Bq per cubic metre, then a further long term measurement is advised and if it is above 400 Bq per cubic metre then the Action Level of 200 Bq per cubic metre is likely to be exceeded in which case remedial measures will be advised to reduce the radon level.
For 3-month or longer periods of measurement where you have been provided with an estimate of the annual average radon level, you will know immediately whether the Action Level is exceeded. However, our advice is that annual average readings below 100 Bq cubic metre are within the normal range but if the reading exceeds 150 Bq per cubic metre you should be aware that measures to reduce the radon level in your home may need to be considered.

Radosure radon detectors are sophisticated in design ensuring ultimate accuracy. Their analysis uses TASLIMAGE technology incorporating our unique auto-calibration algorithms. Radosure are fully validated by Public Health England (PHE, former Health Protection Agency) for the provision of radon measurements.