Due to the recent surge in COVID 19 cases, Radosure will be operating a reduced service until further notice. Please contact laura@tasl.co.uk if you wish to place an order or request an update on your measurement status and we will do our best to facilitate your request as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience.
Precision laboratory radon measurements, provided by the leading specialists in radiation sensitive plastic in the UK.

Welcome to our Radosure website, offering complete radon measurement kits at the UK’s lowest prices. Please see our shop page for a full list of products.

We run a validated radon measurement service, providing fast turn around times and results to a high precision.

We manufacture our own radon detectors and analysis systems, giving us full control of the whole process and no supply chain delays.

We offer radon measurement kits from a 7 day screening test and up to a 3 months (or longer if required) validated measurement. Our kits all include one or more detectors, instructions, return slip, laboratory analysis and a report.

Please note, we only provide free return postage for UK customers. Our detectors are small and light so should not be very expensive to return for non-UK customers.

Contact details: 

email: laura@tasl.co.uk

Tel: 0117 938 1172

Opening hours;

Monday- Friday 8am-4pm